5-second product pickup

This is amazing but also slightly disturbing:

Walmart is building giant self-service kiosks that retrieve customers’ online orders in its stores.

The kiosks, which Walmart calls pickup towers, are in about 20 stores today. Walmart is planning to roll them out to more than 100 locations over the next couple of months.

We recently tested one of the towers at a Walmart store in Midlothian, Virginia, and we were shocked by how easy and quick it was to use. […]

When we arrived at the store, we found the pickup tower a few steps from the entrance. Its sheer size made it easy to spot — it’s staggeringly large, standing more than 16 feet tall and 8 feet wide. […]

When we approached the machine, we were prompted to scan a barcode or enter an order number. We chose to scan the barcode that was included in our email from Walmart.

Within five seconds of scanning the barcode, a previously hidden compartment above the screen lit up, revealing a conveyer belt and a cardboard box that was seemingly produced out of thin air.

Then a glass door retracted, giving us access to the box.

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