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Karl Bushby walk

Karl Bushby’s route (Source)

I’ve always been interested in the idea of long walks… really long walks. Two of my favorite travel books are Korea: A Walk Through the Land of Miracles by Simon Winchester and The Great Walk of China: Travels on Foot from Shanghai to Tibet by Graham Earnshaw, both written by Englishmen who took the trouble to perambulate across an entire country.

But another Englishman (I’m sensing a trend), Karl Bushby, puts those two authors to shame by attempting to walk an unbroken path around the globe, from the tip of South America to Hull, England. Bushby started his pedestrian odyssey in Pantas Arenas, Chile in 1998, and in 2006 he crossed the Bering Strait on foot. Yes, you can actually get from North America to Asia by scrambling across drifting ice floes, if you’re feeling adventurous. Some swimming may also be required.

Bushby was detained by Russian authorities for illegal entry and deported back to the US, but he didn’t stop walking. After a few detours and setbacks, he is back on the road and now appears to be somewhere in Central Asia (last spotted in Mongolia).

If he completes his journey – and there is no reason to think that he won’t at this point – it will rank as one of the more impressive feats of travel in modern history.

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