Another epidemiologist speaks

New Zealand is under a harsh lockdown, with prime minister Ardern promising more of the same in view of the terrible plague that has so far killed 11 people in the country. But this policy of universal house arrest has attracted some prominent dissenters:

A group of academics say we can – and should – come out of lockdown and is proposing a ‘Plan B’.

The plan suggests ending the lockdown after four week period and immediately shift to a risk-based management plan, similar to the Government’s alert level two.

Auckland University senior lecturer of epidemiology Dr Simon Thornley told Mike Hosking the situation here shows the risk is generally low for working age and young people.

“We don’t think the lockdown is justified, we think we can safely head back to work and school.”

Dr Simon Thornley says there’s compelling evidence the threat posed by Covid-19 is not much more severe than seasonal flu.

“We need to pay particular attention to rest homes and hospitals, but to the rest of us, the threat is very low.”

Here is full “Plan B” statement.

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