A prediction

  • Trump will prevail in his multifaceted legal and political challenge to Biden’s purported victory, which will perforce collapse like a house of cards;
  • Trump will not leave the White House in January;
  • Half of the country will have what amounts to a collective psychotic episode;
  • At some point in this crisis, Antifa/BLM/RevCom will wreck what remains of America’s major urban centers;
  • Combined with other possible happenings like a trucker’s strike, the disturbances will prompt massive internal migration and societal realignment, setting the stage for a new political order.

Another one bites the dust

Societies tend to get what they deserve. A society that burns its geniuses at the stake because they uttered controversial opinions is a society that will eventually cease to have geniuses, or at least, will cease to be harnessing its geniuses in a productive way.

The eccentric and possibly mentally ill genius who pioneered GNU software, without which Android phones, cloud computing and Amazon.com would not exist, has just lost his job because he expressed an opinion, in an email, that some people disagree with. As far as I can tell, that was his only crime.

I won’t link to the story because it’s too depressing. All I can say is that if America is so desperate to remove productive people from society, because the originality or eccentricity of their ideas is perceived as a threat, then we absolutely deserve to become a colony, economic or otherwise, of saner and more competently managed foreign powers. And that is exactly what will happen.