Depends on your definition of “lie”

Hwang Kyo-ahn

How do you do, fellow underachievers?

Dunno, I think this qualifies:

Hwang Kyo-ahn, chairman of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party, on Monday argued that he had not lied about his son’s qualifications after his remarks on the matter during a lecture sparked controversy.

“If I had said a score that was higher than the actual score — that would have been a lie. But I am not sure if the other way round is (a lie),” Hwang told reporters after a meeting at the National Assembly.

Last week, Hwang spoke about his son, who landed a job at a conglomerate despite having a GPA of below 3.0 and a TOEIC score of about 800. He said that “conglomerates focus on specialized qualifications rather than spec.” […]

His comments drew flak, as college graduates often have difficulty finding employment upon graduation. […]

To ease backlash, Hwang issued a statement on social media saying, “My son’s GPA was 3.29, TOEIC 925 points.”

However, the post sparked further controversy that Hwang had lied about his son’s qualifications.

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