Dollar store America

Dollar store groceries

Delicious and nutritious!

Brother, can you spare a dollar?

A new report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s (ILSR) finds that dollar stores tend to target rural and low-income neighborhoods, many of which are considered “food deserts,” meaning they lack access to fresh, affordable food.

“Essentially what the dollar stores are betting on in a large way is that we are going to have a permanent underclass in America,” Garrick Brown, the director for retail research at the real-estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, told Bloomberg in 2017. […]

As dollar stores grow increasingly popular, they’ve become an alternative to America’s biggest retailers, including Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, and CVS.

In the US, dollar stores are now feeding more people than Whole Foods. Their numbers have surpassed the combined total of Walmart and McDonald’s locations.

In 2016, the chain store Dollar General purchased 41 Walmart Express stores that were forced to shut down, despite operating on a similar model.

Though Dollar General isn’t a dollar store in the traditional sense (it sells items that cost more than $1), it’s often the only place to buy cheap groceries in isolated communities.

Clearly I need to revise my vision of the future:

  • Thesis: Dollar Store America
  • Antithesis: The United States of Bezos
  • Synthesis: A fully automated Bezos Dollar Store empire, with a jobless, UBI-collecting population fed by delicious, nutritious packaged foods whisked to their door by Amazon Prime Drones

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