Florida Mayor

Dale Glen Massad

“Florida Man” is a well-known internet meme, thanks to the abundance of crazy news headlines involving denizens of the Sunshine State (e.g. “Florida Man steals 36,000 pounds of Crisco”; “Florida Man bites off neighbor’s ear because he wouldn’t give him a cigarette,” etc).

Florida Man, meet Florida Mayor:

The mayor of a Florida town was arrested Thursday after he opened fire on deputies who were trying to serve a search warrant for allegedly operating an illegal medical practice at his home.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said SWAT officers showed up to the house of Port Richey mayor Dale Glen Massad on Thursday morning to serve a warrant related to allegations that he was still practicing medicine despite having his medical license revoked more than 27 years ago.

When SWAT tried to enter the home, bullets began raining down on the officers.

Officers did not return fire. Eventually, Massad surrendered to police and was taken into custody. No one was injured.

More fodder for a Dave Barry column.

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