Count on somebody who scores high on intellectual integrity and low on agreeableness to stand up to the grubby demands of a censorious printing company when, apparently, most authors would not:

The writer Nassim Nicholas Taleb has blasted Chinese printers with accusations of censorship, after the manuscript for a US edition of his 2012 book Antifragile was returned with the instruction to replace mentions of Taiwan with “China, Taiwan”.

The Lebanese-American author of bestseller The Black Swan, which predicted the 2008 global economic crash, posted on Twitter: “Printer of ‪#Antifragile in China asked me to replace ‘Taiwan’ w/‘China, Taiwan’. I (angrily) said ‘No censorship!’”

Taleb claimed he was not alone in being pressurised. “Most authors, I was told, complied. I assume hundreds kept their mouth shut. Not me,” he added.

And a more recent comment by Taleb:

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Note that my problem with Chinese printers was resolved amicably (they accepted) but I am SHOCKED that no other author had the guts to stand up to the weirdness Chinese censorship of a US book by a US author. …
8:34 PM – Jun 22, 2018

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

2) People here aren’t getting the aberration:

+Book written in US; author in US; publisher in US; readers (of US edition) in US.
+Printed in China <=> Chinese censorship.
+Publishers & Authors find this NORMAL.

This is one side of Globalism Globalists need to explain.

10:32 PM – Jun 22, 2018

Note that the company in question is not a publisher, but rather, a printer. A printer’s job is to print, not make helpful edits to the content of what is printed. Apparently, the content of English-language books printed in China and intended for export falls under the purview of China’s censors.

Also, there is no such place as “China, Taiwan,” any more than there is a place called “US, New York.”

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