Hong Kong drinks the Hemlock

The expat blogger who goes by the name Hemlock has penned an excellent but depressing overview of the incremental erosion of Hong Kong’s liberties and autonomy since 2014, the year of the Occupy Central protests. His most astute point, I think, is that “It’s not about Hong Kong,” by which he means that the chief engine of Hong Kong’s “mainlandization” is China’s leader-for-life and his designs for the country and the party. To Beijing, Hong Kong’s celebrated autonomy and unique culture are mere anachronisms that must be destroyed to pave the way for the territory’s full integration into a revitalized China. In another 20 years or so, it’s likely that Hong Kong will be almost indistinguishable from, say, Chongqing.

I noted the 20-year anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China last year.

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