Huawei’s ersatz European campus

Huawei campus Dongguan

Medieval Bavaria or Chinese telecom giant’s corporate campus? You be the judge (Source)

So, this is incongruous. Huawei researchers in the city of Dongguan will be pushing the envelope of telecom technology… in a faux German castle:

Huawei’s billionaire founder, Ren Zhengfei, broke years of silence Tuesday to defend China’s largest technology company from growing espionage accusations. One thing he didn’t address was the massive new campus the telecoms giant is building in Dongguan—maybe because the complex pretty much speaks for itself.

From faux Italian towers to artificial lakes and classical palaces, Huawei is recreating a wide swathe of Europe in its backyard. Ren—a civil engineer by training—is overseeing the construction of a massive new campus that neatly sums up Huawei’s global ambitions.

Check out the photos at the link. It reminds me of Shanghai’s fake European villages:

Shanghai Thames Town

Shanghai Thames Town (Source)

Although, I have to admit that I would rather work in a European-style building, even a fake one, than a soulless modern glass-and-steel monstrosity like those found on Huawei’s Shanghai campus (or almost anywhere else):

Huawei Shanghai R&D center

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