Hubble strikes again

Hubble GOODS-South

Part of the Hubble panorama

Hubble delivers another spectacular glimpse of the cosmos with a new composite photo:

These new mosaic images provide a panoramic view of around 15,000 galaxies, in the center of the fields observed by The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS). About 12,000 of these galaxies are in the star-formation stage, with some of the most distant spots (the reddest ones) dating back 11 billion years.

The images were born out of a program called the Hubble Deep Ultraviolet (HDUV) Legacy Survey, and covers 14 times more sky than a similar image released back in 2014.

And you can’t miss the absolutely incredible images of local galaxies released a few months ago:

Hubble Messier 66

Hubble image of Messier 66

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