Incoming: mysterious radio bursts from distant galaxies

Australian researchers are detecting a vast number of “fast radio bursts” emanating from deep space after upgrading their telescopes, and they (the bursts, not the researchers) are brighter and closer than any we’ve spotted before. From the story:

Fast radio bursts are one of the most mysterious phenomena in the universe. They are blasts of incredible energy – equivalent to the amount released by the Sun in 80 years – that last for just a moment, and come from a mysterious source.

And no, this has absolutely nothing to do with aliens! …Wait.

Some have suggested they are being emitted by an extraterrestrial intelligence. Harvard University scientists suggested last year that they could be leaks from vast transmitters that are usually shooting at light sail ships to push them across the universe.

Those would have to be some big transmitters.

Others have suggested that less intelligent but equally spectacular causes, such as black holes or dense stars smashing into each other.

These particular bursts have traveled billions of years, from roughly halfway across the universe to reach us.

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