It will never end

You do realize that, don’t you? The “COVID” restrictions have no expiration date. They will continue forever, unless they are stopped by force majeure.

People look at me like I’m crazy when I say the lockdowns will never end, but consider that in the US, we are now on day 301 of what was sold to us as a 15-day campaign to slow the pathogen’s spread. Dr. Doom assures us that “we can start essentially approaching some form of normality” this fall, which I would note starts on September 22 this year, or another 254 days from now.

In other words, extraordinary “public health” measures that were supposed to last 15 days have already been extended to 555 days, a timeline predicated on the success of a mass vaccination program that is already faltering as large swaths of the healthcare profession decide they’d rather take their chances with the virus than with a novel mRNA vaccine that was essentially designed on a computer in a matter of hours. We also have no idea how long immunity lasts after getting vaccinated, whether the vaccines even stop transmission of the virus, etc., so it is not hard to imagine this timeline being stretched further into the future. As the CDC website notes:

There is not enough information currently available to say if or when CDC will stop recommending that people wear masks and avoid close contact with others to help prevent the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. Experts need to understand more about the protection that COVID-19 vaccines provide before making that decision.

To the people who think I’m nuts, my response is to ask what their major malfunction is that prevents them from seeing the simple facts that are hitting them in the face, day after day. Americans accepted lockdowns in mid-March because they were told it would be over in a handful of weeks. Ten months later, restrictions are still in place: mask mandates; offices closed; sporting events canceled; indoor dining banned in places like New York City and California; capacity restrictions in churches; mandatory self-quarantines for people who cross state lines… the list goes on and on and on, a sinister catalog of rules, regulations, cancelations and disruptions that have transformed our lives to the point where it is hard to even remember what things were like before the madness began. Many of the restrictions, like California’s “Stay Home Order,” have no end date; they are literally in place “until further notice“! Not for 90 days; not for 180 days; indefinitely. WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR SOME OF YOU TO GET THE MEMO? YOU ARE EXPLICITLY BEING TOLD BY THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES THAT THE MEASURES MAY NEVER END.

On April 4, 2020, I predicted that the lockdowns were here to stay:

Coronavirus appears to be forcing some US troops out of Iraq, a sign that America’s “forever war” in that country may be winding down after just 17 years of destructive and pointless conflict. Ironically, though, SARS 2.0 has inspired the launch of a new type of forever war: the indefinite suspension of society and commerce in the name of defeating a microbe. Call it the forever lockdown. […]

“There is no quick fix” is the message that is increasingly coming from our elites. They are preparing us for a long, miserable and ruinous battle against the microbe, one which our economy, society, and political order are not likely to survive. The forever wars weakened and demoralized America. The forever lockdown, if actualized, will finish us off. Buckle up!

I take no joy in reporting that this prediction is looking pretty accurate just about now. But let me amend it slightly. If the coronavirus does indeed “go away,” either in reality or because the media loses interest in it, then another crisis will quickly be found to replace it as the pretext for continued (albeit modified) restrictions. This could take the form of a new virus, or another fake emergency such as “systemic racism” or “climate change,” which cries out for radical action. If you think I’m exaggerating or losing it, again, I would just ask what is wrong with YOU that you seem unable to process the messages that are being screamed at you nonstop by the people in positions of institutional power.

In November, the American Medical Association declared that “Racism is a threat to public health.” In June, an open letter claiming that “White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19” was signed by a large number of medical doctors and epidemiologists. The letter called for allowing BLM protests while maintaining lockdowns and prohibiting anti-lockdown protests. As for climate change, it has not escaped our rulers’ notice that the lockdowns have slashed carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 7 percent year-on-year in 2020, or the equivalent of taking 500 million cars off the planet’s roads. It’s perhaps odd that this story has not received more coverage, given the massive ramp-up of climate hysteria in 2019 (again, these things are hard to remember). In any case, don’t be surprised if our rulers announce their intention to “lock in” these emissions reductions. New Zealand has already declared a “climate change emergency,” and the US appears poised to do the same under Fake President Biden:

“Folks, we’re in a crisis,” Biden said at an event in Wilmington, Delaware. “We literally have no time to waste … Just like we need to be a unified nation to respond to COVID-19, we need a unified national response to climate change.”

And last month, a collection of 538 environmental groups urged Biden to declare a national climate emergency. It’s easy to imagine his puppet-masters, drunk with power after taking over the entire federal government on January 20, pushing through such a measure. The restrictions associated with it could end up looking a lot like the COVID response: travel restrictions, limits on consumption, shuttering of commercial buildings, bans on energy-intensive activities such as food service, etc. As the London-based think tank ODI, wasting no time, put it back in early March:

The level and speed of action taken to try and halt the spread of COVID-19 has given us the chance to witness and live in real-time some of the actions that are urgently needed to reduce our carbon emissions. For some, these restrictions might represent a dystopian vision of the future, for others, a real opportunity to tackle the climate emergency. […]

People expect the restrictions on their lifestyles in response to COVID-19 to be short term. But how might governments sustain public support for such restrictions in the long term? Let’s start by being honest.

The recent unpleasantness in the US Capitol gives rise to another possibility, that a bogus “national security threat” will replace or supplement the public health emergency as a means of controlling the population in granular detail. We can see this in the propaganda campaign to designate the incident as “domestic terrorism” and the push for a new domestic terrorism bill that will be used to restrict the activities of Trump supporters. The tech giants that control the flow of information for 3 billion people also appear more than willing to deplatform everyone associated with the MAGA movement, including the sitting POTUS himself.

The conjunction of these government and private-sector actions means that Trump supporters will not only have their freedom of speech curtailed, but also their ability to find jobs, promote their businesses, attend gatherings/rallies, travel, etc. In this context it’s interesting to note that the largest flight attendant union is calling for everybody who participated in the Capitol riots (not those charged with crimes, but those who are identified as having participated) to be blacklisted from flying. Remarkably, the statement adds: “Acts against our democracy, our government, and the freedom we claim as Americans must disqualify these individuals from the freedom of flight.”

This arbitrary, subjectively defined and elastic standard will be used to strip 74 million Americans of their freedoms and civil rights, to isolate them and disconnect them from modern society, for the sake of “national security.” One way or another, the lockdowns will never end.

3 thoughts on “It will never end

  1. As Milton Friedman said, “There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government measure.”

    I too knew that this wasn’t going to go away, and the longer it goes unchecked by ‘we, the people’ the less of a chance we have of getting any sense of normality back.

    It blows my mind that others are still so hopeful and optimistic about returning to ‘normal’, whatever that is.

    • Good quote! I agree, it is mind-blowing. The concept of normalcy bias comes to mind.

      Overall, I think modern Western people are in deep denial and unable (or unwilling) to recognize patterns. Their intuition is switched off, their observation skills and memory are dulled by relentless entertainment and social media distractions, and they are badly educated and innumerate.

      This sort of thing is going to be necessary:

      • By the way, thanks for your shout-out on Twitter. FYI, I’m creating a firewall between my professional online identity and this blog, as the things I have to say are increasingly verboten. 😉

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