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“CPC proposes change on Chinese president’s term in Constitution”:

The Communist Party of China Central Committee proposed to remove the expression that the President and Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China “shall serve no more than two consecutive terms” from the country’s Constitution.

Bill Bishop comments:

Xinhua has published some of the State Constitution changes that should be ratified at the National People‚Äôs Congress (NPC) that opens March 5. There are several interesting changes, including the standing up of the new National Supervisory Commission system and the addition of the adjectives of “great”, “modern” and “beautiful” to describe “a socialist country”, but the biggest change looks to be the scrapping of the two-term limit for President and Vice President.

This revision is another move in the growing list of norm-busting changes Xi has pushed to allow him to stay in power for life. The most important substantive move towards this end was the inclusion of Xi Thought in the Party Constitution last Fall. […]

Now the NPC will provide the institutional framework of the State to allow Xi, so long as he is alive and the Communist Party is running China, to be the most important and powerful person in China for life.

The New York Times calls this “a dramatic move that would mark the country’s biggest political change in decades.”

All hail the Son of Heaven, Lord of Ten Thousand Years.

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