Mongolia closes China border, bans public gatherings

The country whose most famous landmark is a giant statue of Genghis Khan decides it isn’t going to be taking any chances with the highly infectious virus from Wuhan:

BREAKING: Mongolia has banned all public gatherings and closed its border with China due to coronavirus outbreak

UPDATE: From a source on the ground (Antonio Graceffo)…

They closed the university, they closed all the schools. I heard from foreigners that are on expat contracts that their companies are telling them to leave because the airports are going to be closed soon. What I heard was, if and when they close the airport, it will only be for incoming flights, not for outgoing flights, so they would still be able to leave.

We’re on lockdown now in Ulaanbaatar. I’m staying.

3 thoughts on “Mongolia closes China border, bans public gatherings

  1. The cinemas are also closed now. Mongolia would normally have Mongolian New Year holiday the final two weeks of February. So, the government announced that the holiday would be extended till March 9th. Similarly, Chinese are meant to return to work from Lunar New Year, next week, but the holiday has been extended by three days. While I find the ratios stereotypical and humorous, Mongolia taking six weeks off and China 3 days, I find the China number to be way too small and the Mongolia number a bit excessive to decide now. If the virus continues, we may need to remain off till March 9, but that decision could be made in February. Anyway, these are the facts.

      • People were meant to be back at work and school this week, in China, after the long Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday. I received a message from Shanghai University, said they would remained closed till February 9. I am not a doctor, but it seems to me that it would be impossible to predict that 7 days from now, the #Coronavirus will no longer be a threat since the infection rate keeps climbing and we have read that incubation can take 10 – 14 days.

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