Our clueless elite

It’s hard to think of a more concise illustration of the gulf that separates America’s ruling class from those over whom they rule than this (full disclosure: I have never heard of Branson, and I’ve been to the Ozarks):

Have you ever been to Branson, Missouri? Do you even know what it is?

I gather it’s neither Aspen nor Hollywood.

Branson, Missouri, is an entertainment center, larger in every way than Hollywood. It is located in Branson, Missouri, in the Ozarks. It is one of the homes of country music stars and starlets. It’s a huge complex of every kind of family entertainment, from bass fishing to theater, music, museums, anything you can imagine. Now the fact that you have never heard of it typifies the limitations of the ruling class.

My oligarchical snobbery.

No, no, no. You haven’t even risen to that.

I’m a piker. I bet $5 on the trifecta at the dog track.

It typifies the limitations of the ruling class mind, not even to understand that over which you are lording it.

3 thoughts on “Our clueless elite

  1. I have no idea what this post is about. Branson, Missouri, was a town/entertainment park founded by people like Boxcar Willy who were tired of touring. They came up with the idea of forming an entertainment town for families, something like Las Vegas, but without the gambling. Which part of this has anything to do with power elite? Most of the people who go there are relatively low earners. It’s basically like Pegion Forge or Dollywood…. “Now the fact that you have never heard of it typifies the limitations of the ruling class.” Why would that be the case? Maybe you didn’t hear about it because you didn’t grow up with us in Tennessee and don’t like southern music and southern food as much as we do. Mystery solved1

    • I thought the point was straightforward. The bicoastal elite is totally clueless about what is happening in the rest of the country. Branson, Missouri has almost as many annual visitors as Egypt. It is a major cultural destination for large swaths of America. The fact that people in the Acela corridor have never heard of it is a measure of how far removed they are from the people over whom they rule. The people who control the federal government and make national policy do not understand, know about or identify with their subjects. This is a recipe for political instability.

      • OK I see now. But is it possible that they don’t know because they didn’t go to high school with me? Most people didn’t.

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