They don’t want it

Suppose a breakthrough mRNA vaccine were developed and produced in record time and with immense government support, hyped to a lockdown-weary public as the answer to the pandemic and the path back to normalcy, and rushed out across the fruited plain in scores of ultracold refrigerated trucks… but then it turned out that large swaths of the healthcare workers toiling in our virus-ravaged hospitals and nursing homes didn’t, in fact, want it? That would be embarrassing, would it not?

Comically enough, that seems to be the situation in places like New York City, although you have to read between the lines a little to figure it out (emphasis added):

The small number of vaccine recipients is particularly striking in New York City, where roughly 110,000 people — in a city of more than eight million — have received the first of two doses necessary to help prevent serious cases of the disease. That is about a quarter of the total number of doses received by the city. […]

State officials noted that the city’s public hospital system — NYC Health and Hospitals — had received about 38,000
vaccines, but only vaccinated 12,000 eligible employees, using less than a third of the doses thus far. […]

Nearly 900,000 vaccines have been distributed in the state, according to the latest available federal data, but the estimated 300,000 people Mr. Cuomo said had been vaccinated represent only about 1.5 percent of the state’s population of about 19.5 million people.

The governor has delegated much of the vaccine rollout to individual hospital systems across 10 regional hubs each encompassing several counties.

What’s the holdup? It’s not quite clear, but the bolded data is very telling. It should not be difficult for hospitals that have vaccines on hand to administer them to their own employees. Gross bureaucratic incompetence on a hospital level does not seem likely in this case. Perhaps the fear of punitive fines if they somehow run afoul of the state’s vaccine distribution plan is making some hospitals overcautious, but I don’t see how that would explain two-thirds of eligible employees not getting the jab.

More likely, many hospital workers simply don’t want experimental genetic engineering technology injected into their upper arms. That would be in keeping with reports of widespread vaccine hesitancy among healthcare workers across the country, throwing something of a wrench in the PR strategy for the much-trumpeted medicine:

US health care workers are first in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine — but an alarming number across the country are refusing to do so.

Earlier this week, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine disclosed that about 60 percent of the nursing home workers in his state have so far chosen not to get vaccinated.

More than half of New York City’s EMS workers have shown skepticism, The Post reported last month.

And now California and Texas are experiencing a high rate of health care worker refusals, according to reports.

An estimated 50 percent of front-line workers in Riverside County in the Golden State opted against the drug, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing public health officials.

It will be very interesting indeed to see how the creeps openly threatening to make the vaccine compulsory will react when they find out that, say, one in three healthcare workers nationwide flat-out refuse to take it. Imagine what the rate will be among the general population, furious at being locked down, exhausted by all the lies and manipulation of the past year, and immersed in skeptical commentary thanks to social media. Your move, tyrants.

The big steal

At this point, I think it is very obvious that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. The evidence of fraud and irregularities is massive, overwhelming and damning. The violations of laws and procedures alleged by Team Trump and substantiated by an ever-accreting mass of evidence are more than sufficient to change the outcome of the election, and until a full audit is conducted in each of the contested states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, there are no grounds for certification of the results. That last point is crucial. Trump does not, in fact, have to prove that any fraud occurred. He merely has to prove that the elections in these states were held in an illegal and unconstitutional manner, which they clearly were, to deny Biden his pseudo-victory.

The Democrats and the media, of course, are not interested in hearing the evidence. Neither are the courts, law enforcement or most of the Republican establishment, for that matter. Almost all of the available remedies to address this historic theft have been closed off to the president and his 74 million supporters. The attorney general (a month ago) stated in an interview that the DOJ had not yet seen fraud on a scale that could have changed the outcome of the election. The courts have rejected lawsuit after lawsuit by Team Trump, mostly on procedural grounds. On the basis of these dimly registered facts, Democrats conclude that there was no fraud. “Where is the evidence?” they ask. “I haven’t seen any evidence.” When the evidence is presented to them, they either ignore it or dismiss it as baseless right-wing conspiracy theorizing, citing the vociferous reassurances of the authorities that the election was free and fair—indeed, that it was “the most secure in American history.” But it does not follow from those reassurances that the evidence is false. Indeed, the prima facie evidence of fraud is so powerful and immediately obvious to any thinking person that another possibility suggests itself: that those aforementioned institutional actors are sweeping the fraud under the rug because they are corrupt and dishonest.

The problem is, most Democrats rule out the possibility that such widespread corruption and dishonesty can exist in our institutions, much as they rule out the possibility that our new permanent global lockdown regime is a totalitarian power-grab, so they reflexively dismiss any evidence that suggests otherwise as fake or baseless. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that there is nothing that can’t be rationalized away. The evidence simply does not matter to those with ideological blinders bolted to their heads. I have no doubt that even a “smoking gun” would fail to change their minds. If an authentic video emerged of, say, Stacey Abrams sneaking into Atlanta’s State Farm Arena in the dead of night with a huge sack marked FAKE BALLOTS slung over her shoulder, the Democrats would say it wasn’t enough votes to change the outcome.

This blog post is not written for those people. Their minds and hearts are closed, perhaps for good. We can always hope that they will have an awakening, but it’s not realistic to expect that a supporter of naked tyranny in the form of ongoing lockdowns would give a quantum of a damn about something as minor as election fraud.

For everyone else—for the roughly half of the electorate, including many Democrats, who know the election was in some manner stolen—and for people who may be on the fence about the issue, I here provide a handy compilation of the key documents laying out the evidence of the steal. The evidence comes in many forms, as Peter Navarro explains in his report, ranging from bizarre statistical anomalies to sworn affidavits testifying to all manner of illegal behavior. If even a fraction of this evidence checks out, every American should be outraged and no American should support the election or installation of a president on such dubious grounds.

Here it is, then—the evidence:

  • President Donald Trump’s speech on election fraud (external link | video | PDF download)
  • The Immaculate Deception: Peter Navarro’s report on election irregularities (external linkPDF download)
  • Texas v. Pennsylvania: Lawsuit filed with the US Supreme Court by Texas and supported by 18 other states (external link | PDF download)
  • Here is the Evidence: Website compiling the anomalies and legal issues (external link)
  • “Yes, It Was a Stolen Election”: Article by John Perazzo at FrontPage Magazine (external link | PDF download)
  • “Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling”: Article by Patrick Basham at Spectator USA (external link)

WuFlu vs. Hong Kong flu

Remember the Hong Kong flu of 1968? That horrific pandemic that killed 100,000 Americans and triggered mass panic, economic devastation and harsh “non-pharmaceutical interventions” designed to stop people from socializing for nearly a year?

If you are like most Americans, you’ve never heard of the Hong Kong flu. And, of course, you’ve never heard about the panic, lockdowns, etc. etc., because they didn’t happen.

Let’s do some back-of-the-envelope calculations (all numbers refer to the US).

  • 1968 pandemic (H3N2 virus) death toll: ~100,000
  • 1968 population: 200.7 million
  • H3N2 deaths per 100,000 people: 49.8
  • WuFlu death toll (as of Dec. 26): 329,592
  • 2020 population: 331,002,651
  • WuFlu deaths per 100,000 people: 99.6

Ergo, WuFlu is about twice as deadly, per capita, as H3N2. Sounds bad, but not catastrophically so.

But wait! This analysis overlooks a few crucial issues. First, the US population today is much older than in 1968, so naturally we would expect a higher per capita death rate from a flu of equal severity. I am not enough of a statistician to know how to adjust the figures according to age structure (not am I able to easily find the relevant numbers), but suffice it to say the median age of the population in 1970 was 28.1, and in 2019 it was 38.4—a full decade older.

Moreover, in 1968 there were 7,187,000 people aged 75 and older*; and in 2019, there were an estimated 22,574,830 aged 75 and older.** So, there were triple the number of people from the highly vulnerable 75+ age group in 2019 vs. 1968.

Another factor to consider is the health of the population. Americans in 2020 are, obviously, far less healthy and far more obese than their 1968 counterparts. So that would also lead to a higher per capita death rate from a flu of equal severity. Again, I have no idea how to adjust for this variable, but it seems huge to me. Thus, it might be more productive to ask why Americans are so unhealthy today, and what can be done about that, than to shriek about a virus which seems to be killing mostly those unhealthy people (along with the old).

Finally, there is the ambient question of whether the reported WuFlu death toll is juiced. I say it most likely is. According to an analysis by statistician William Briggs, “excess” deaths in 2020 will come to about 250,000, of which some fraction will be caused by the effects of the panic/lockdowns rather than WuFlu. If that is true, then the actual WuFlu death rate is no more than 75.5 per 100,000—just 50% more than the H3N2 death rate, and that is before adjusting for age structure, etc.

Therefore, I conclude that WuFlu is roughly as severe as the 1968 Hong Kong flu.

*Source (PDF)

**Source (CSV)

Is it safe?

Unless I am very much mistaken, the new mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are unique in three respects:

Given these facts, and the incredibly rushed nature of the trial and approval process, one does not have to be an “anti-vaxxer” to register a modicum of skepticism about these breakthrough offerings from Big Pharma. Are they really safe and effective? What are their possible long-term effects, which have obviously not been studied? Is vaccination necessary, or even recommended, for people who are younger than retirement age? Given that COVID is, essentially, a case of VOPDOC (Very Old People Dying of a Cough), wouldn’t a bit of “vaccine hesitancy” be not only understandable, but even justified, for the majority of the population that is in no serious danger from this pathogen?

Whatever the answers to these questions might be, there is a good chance you will be penalized, or at least silenced, for asking them. Which is unfortunate, because the skepticism I articulated above is far less radical than the powerful warning against gene-based vaccines voiced by eminent German microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi in two chilling videos, here and here.


Thirdly, strangely enough, this vaccine can contribute an adverse overreaction to subsequent naturally occurring infections. And not just with this virus, also with other viruses, such as a flu virus. It causes an explosive immune overreaction. Tests done on animals for SARS-COV-1 showed that there was amplification of the immune system reaction to the disease. The animals that were vaccinated nearly died. This is an immense danger. Once a gene-based vaccination is injected in your arm, within minutes the vaccine (mRNA) spreads throughout your body. It also enters cells that normally wouldn’t be infected. There it starts the production of this virus protein. In your cells. Your cells become a factory.


Imagine how different the global response to COVID would have been, and would be, if the media, politicians and public health officials referred to the affliction not as COVID but as VOPDOC: Very Old People Dying of a Cough.

This, of course, would not be entirely accurate, because it’s not exactly a “cough” (not for everyone), and many people who are *not* very old have died of the disease. But it would be far more accurate than the hysterical nonsense that has been endlessly peddled by our institutions for nine months, striking useless, debilitating fear into the hearts of the elderly and the young alike, wrecking countless lives and reducing most social interactions to looking at stuff on a screen.

VOPDOC would certainly be far more accurate than calling COVID a “plague,” less misleading than calling it a “once-in-a-century pandemic” (the 1957-58 Asian flu says otherwise), and less idiotic than comparing COVID to the Spanish Flu, in which the average age of death was 28 years old.

Let’s take a look at the latest COVID numbers for Connecticut, which I would note has a population of 3.5 million and is adjacent to New York City, as we head into this terrifying plague’s winter wave:

  • Dec. 23 current hospitalizations: 1,155
  • Dec. 15 current hospitalizations (90-day peak): 1,269
  • Dec. 23 new deaths: 33
  • Oct. 1 new deaths: 3
  • Total deaths (cumulative): 5,736
  • Total deaths in long-term care (cumulative): 3,736

Like I said. Very Old People Dying of a Cough. QED.

A wee table

From the CDC (figures as of Sept. 10. 2020):

AgeInfection Fatality Ratio (Current Best Estimate)
0-19 years 0.003%
20-49 years0.02%
50-69 years0.5%
70+ years5.4%

You read that correctly. People under the age of 50 have a 0.02% (zero point zero two percent, or two hundredths of one percent) or less chance of dying from a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Remember, this is why we shut down the world, rather than, say, allowing old people to self-isolate for a bit.

COVID theater (bug spray edition)

One of the first hints that something was not quite right with China’s COVID narrative during the pathogen’s confusing debut in January and February was the strange photos and videos emerging from all over the country of workers, trucks and even drones grimly carpeting the urban landscape with a mysterious misty substance described as “disinfectant.”

What was it, exactly? Nobody seemed to know:

But what the heck? I am at a loss to say what this stuff might be. I asked the same question on Twitter, and the answers were mostly variants on my own thought, that it’s basically “safety theater”. The problem is, there are such things as aerosol spray insecticides. And there are aerosol spray general antimicrobials (although I have trouble believing that you could get much good out of them deployed in the fashion shown, on city streets). But there are, to my knowledge, no open-spray viricides. I mean, viruses aren’t alive, for one thing, and the sorts of things that are used for viral contamination depend on broad denaturing chemical activity (think bleach) or physical wiping/sequestration (cleaning surfaces off).

I’m not seeing anything like that here that makes any sense. Honestly, I have to wonder if I’m looking at nothing more than fog machine mixture (usually glycerine/water or something of the sort). Maybe there’s something in the mix that someone thinks will do some good against coronavirus particles – I doubt if they’re correct, if so – or maybe the whole thing is just meant to show that the Authorities Are Doing Something.

The value of the bogus bug spray obviously had nothing to do with its supposed ability to combat a respiratory virus, and everything to do with its propaganda value as a signal that the virus is Being Taken Seriously. And also, perhaps, to induce terror in China and worldwide over a virus that is essentially of no concern to people who are not very old or (already) very sick, thence to grab more power. By March, many other countries had adopted the medically futile but politically useful procedure.

My favorite comment on the psychotic squirting comes from no less an authority than Johan Giesecke, former state epidemiologist of Sweden, as quoted in the outstanding book Corona False Alarm?:

Politicians want to demonstrate their capacity to act, the capacity for decision making and most of all their strength. My best example for this is that in Asian countries the sidewalks are sprayed with chlorine. This is completely useless but it shows that the state and the authorities are doing something, and that is very important to politicians.

They did something, all right. Let it never be said that they didn’t.

NYC collapse update

On August 16, I wrote:

New York City isn’t going to recover from this. The sad truth is that the city completely destroyed itself in a spasm of hubris, cowardice and folly and you don’t come back from that, not for a long time and not without painful introspection and remorse. There is no evidence that that is going to happen, so the death spiral continues. New Yorkers either actively support or passively acquiesce to the madness that has wrecked their city. Or they flee.

Four months later, I see no reason to revise that judgment. In the news today:

As vaccines began being put into arms in New York City and indoor dining was shut down again Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned that additional restrictions could be coming — potentially including a return to a full shutdown.

“There’s the potential of having to do a full pause, a full shutdown, in the coming weeks, because we can’t let this kind of momentum go,” de Blasio said on CNN when asked about comments made by Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week, in which the state’s top executive said a fuller shutdown could be in the offing this winter.

The fact that this sort of thing is tolerated anyone, as we approach the end of 2020, strikes me as proof that it’s over for the Big Apple. Why is everyone cool with these draconian restrictions? Where are the mass demonstrations and civil disobedience? Where are the attempts to get a law passed allowing the recall of the governor and mayor, followed swiftly by their recall? Why does everyone seem to be in a dazed stupor all the time, as thousands of businesses are destroyed and their city implodes around them? I wish I understood.

Goodbye, New York. You were fun while you lasted.

UPDATE: On the other, I may have underestimated the resilience and creativity of the average business owner in New York. As the tweet below illustrates, restaurants have begun adapting to the city’s psychotic and ever-changing restrictions by offering indoor dining… outdoors!

A prediction

  • Trump will prevail in his multifaceted legal and political challenge to Biden’s purported victory, which will perforce collapse like a house of cards;
  • Trump will not leave the White House in January;
  • Half of the country will have what amounts to a collective psychotic episode;
  • At some point in this crisis, Antifa/BLM/RevCom will wreck what remains of America’s major urban centers;
  • Combined with other possible happenings like a trucker’s strike, the disturbances will prompt massive internal migration and societal realignment, setting the stage for a new political order.