Selling rice to China

This is how it’s done. Story that I missed from July:

A private importer in China last week bought U.S. rice for the first time ever, in the midst of a trade war between the two nations, a rice industry group said on Wednesday.

The Chinese importer bought two containers, about 40 tonnes, of medium-grain rice from California-based Sun Valley Rice, said Michael Klein, a spokesman for USA Rice, a trade group that promotes the sale of the U.S. grain. […]

China is the world’s largest rice grower and consumer, producing 148.5 million tonnes of the grain in the 2018/19 marketing year and importing 3.5 million tonnes.

One thought on “Selling rice to China

  1. China is and always has been a net food importer. The US is the word’s second largest exporter, but also the world’s largest exporter of service and the largest exporter of food. We are also the 4th largest rice exporter. China has always needed our pork, beef, and rice, but for political reasons, they refused to buy from us. Since the trade war began, there has been a swine flu outbreak in China, driving their pork deficit to crisis levels. And now they are buying rice from us. We win!

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