The implosion of Iran

I have no way of knowing whether most of the information in this thread is true, but it certainly sounds dire. Apparently, six out of 100 MPs have tested positive for the virus. For posterity, here’s the text copied from Thread Reader:

Coronavirus epidemy in Iran has past the crisis level. The country is imploding – law and order to disappear in the next days. A number of officials already died and mass infection among hospital staff and police forces reported.
#irancorona all of this, why?

The regime hid the initial cases since:
1) it was just before election and needed high turnout
2) due to political need, did not stop flights to china
3) source seems to becleric students from china arrived in Qom
4) did not close religious shrines
5) instead of providing information on the gravity of the risks to the public, played down and resorted to the same tactic of rhetoric “we will fight and beat it”

Now it has spread everywhere. The world now has an example on what failure to contain the virus can do.
My parents, brother, uncles and in-laws there and I am so worried about them. #irancorona #irancoronavirus
In the below, I will bring some examples of what is going on, and alleged reports. In the lack of official reports, there is really no way to confirm or deny any of below:

In the mood for war

Looks like world is gearing up for a major conflagration:

  • Israel is now striking Iranian military targets in Iraq (the first Israeli strike in Iraq since 1981).
  • China’s top official overseeing Hong Kong affairs has described the protests as a “color revolution” and apparently suggested that the PLA could be deployed.
  • India has decided to revoke the autonomous status of Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir, a move that Pakistan deems illegal.
  • “Turkey has threatened to re-open the floodgates of mass migration to Europe unless Turkish nationals are granted visa-free travel to the European Union.”

Better get to work on that home fallout shelter…