The Hotel Coronafornia

Welcome to the Hotel Coronafornia

Such a lovely place (such a lovely place)

Disinfect this space

Plenty of room at the Hotel Coronafornia

Any time of year (any time of year)

You can cough in here

How long before California grinds to a halt (like parts of northern Italy right now)? Next question: will California be cordoned off, Wuhan-style?

UC Davis quarantine:

Three UC Davis students are under 14-day isolation as one awaits test results related to the new strain of coronavirus after showing mild symptoms, officials said Thursday.

The students are roommates at Kearney Hall, UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May confirmed in a statement Thursday.

One student has been off-campus since Tuesday and has been tested for COVID-19. The other two individuals have not shown any symptoms but have been isolated since Wednesday night out of an abundance of caution. In keeping with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, those asymptomatic individuals have not been tested for the virus.

San Francisco state of emergency:

San Francisco’s mayor on Tuesday declared a local emergency to make it easier for the populous city and international travel hub to combat novel coronavirus if it comes — even while stressing that it isn’t there yet.

The move will, among other things, help the city get reimbursed by state and federal governments for money it spends on preparedness, Mayor London Breed said at a news conference.

“This declaration of emergency is all about preparedness,” Breed said.

Orange County state of emergency:

Officials in Orange County, Calif., are set to declare a local health emergency in the area on Wednesday as fears continue to mount over the worldwide spread of a new coronavirus known as COVID-19. […]

At least one person in the county has reportedly been infected with the virus, which has killed over a thousand people worldwide and infected victims in various parts of the world.

The move by Orange County to declare a local health emergency reportedly comes after Santa Clara County and San Diego County issued similar alerts earlier this month, in addition to San Francisco.

California is now monitoring 8,000 people for the virus, and 33 have tested positive.

Coming soon to a highway near you? (Source)

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