“The largest evacuation since Dunkirk”

It’s hard to think of a more fittingly bizarre metaphor for the state of the world today than this:

Nearly 15,000 Thomas Cook customers have been repatriated so far following the travel company’s collapse, with about 135,000 more still stranded abroad.

It will take about two weeks to bring all the Britons home as part of Operation Matterhorn, the UK’s biggest peacetime repatriation and the largest evacuation since Dunkirk.

Rival travel firm TUI is helping to get people booked on Thomas Cook flights home.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) completed 64 rescue flights on Monday, the first day of the operation, bringing 14,700 people back to the UK.

It is expected to bring back 16,800 people on 74 flights on Tuesday in a flight programme costing at least £100million.

Did I not prophecy the end of tourism? Could Operation Matterhorn be the inflection point marking the start of a new era – the unwinding of global travel?

And most importantly, are you not entertained?

2 thoughts on ““The largest evacuation since Dunkirk”

  1. The migrants and illegals coming to the US each year have been called the largest evacuation since Dunkirk. If you are in favor of Dunkirk, but against the migrants and illegals, you are a racist.

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