Tyranny Down Under

Every day I ask myself: Is this real? Is this really happening? Still? Please note that this totalitarian absurdity is being rolled out in a country with – checks Worldometer – 232 total COVID deaths:

After reading yesterday’s “Postcard From Melbourne” I didn’t think things could get any worse in the capital of Victoria. But yesterday the power-crazed Premier of the state – Daniel Andrews, known as Kim Jong Dan – announced tough new “Stage 4” restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne, including an 8pm curfew. […]

Here is a list of the “Stage 4” measures introduced from 6pm yesterday and due to last for six weeks:

The “state of emergency” in Victoria has been upgraded to a “state of disaster”, meaning police can now enter your home to carry out spot checks even if you don’t give them permission and they don’t have a warrant.
Between the hours of 8pm and 5am, you’re not allowed to leave your homes except for work, medical care and caregiving.
Outside those hours, you may only leave your home for four reasons: shopping for food and essential items, care and caregiving, daily exercise and work. “We can no longer have people simply out and about for no good reason whatsoever,” said Kim Jong Dan.
Daily exercise can only take place within a 5km radius of your home and cannot last longer than an hour.
You cannot exercise in groups of more than two, even if they’re members of the same household.
Apart from daily exercise, you are only allowed to leave your home once a day for essential supplies and food.
In the whole of Victoria, you cannot buy more than two of certain essential items, including dairy, meat, vegetables, fish and toilet paper.
Schools have closed again, with all Victoria school students returning to remote learning from Wednesday (except for vulnerable children and children of permitted workers). Childcare and kindergarten will be closed from Thursday.
Golf and tennis venues, which were open, have now been closed.
Weddings will no longer be allowed from Thursday, and funerals will be limited to 10 people.
Face nappies anywhere outside your home have been mandatory for people in metropolitan Melbourne since July 22nd, but that rule has now been extended to the entire state of Victoria.
You cannot have visitors or go to another person’s house unless it is for the purpose of giving or receiving care. However, you can leave your house to visit a person if you are in an “intimate personal relationship” with them, even during curfew hours. So no “bonk ban”.
If you have a holiday home or were planning a holiday outside Melbourne, tough cheese. You must remain in the city for the next six weeks.
The maximum fine for breaching a health order currently stands at $1,652, but Kim Jong Dan said he would have more to say about penalties later today, i.e. he’s going to increase them.

3 thoughts on “Tyranny Down Under

  1. Along with the surreal nature of these lock downs is this:

    Why did so many citizens in so many countries just go along with giving up their freedoms?
    Why did so many governments seize power like this?
    How do people not see that the loss of freedoms is permanent?
    Do we know for a fact the government won’t tell us there is a pandemic again a few months from now or next year? Or both?
    Has anyone noticed how few people are dying of covid now?

    • Indeed. It’s amazing how easy it was to get people to go along with this. Just declare a public health emergency, and you can do anything you want! The best part is that a true emergency is not required – just create a *sense* of emergency with nonstop scary propaganda, bogus/misleading data, fake narratives (the “spikes in cases”), etc. Most people are apparently very, very stupid or so deeply brainwashed that they uncritically trust whatever the “experts” happen to be saying on any given day, despite the hilariously frequent U-turns in the nonsense advice given by said “experts.” Next stop: take the vaccine or the lockdowns will continue forever, as a British task force recently threatened.

      In the meantime, almost nobody has noticed that daily COVID deaths in New York State are down to THREE (3) PEOPLE in a state of nearly 20 million. Total statewide hospitalizations have dropped to 536. But Midtown Manhattan is a ghost town.

    • As for the lockdowns, Paul Johnson’s description of the Khmer Rouge’s takeover of Phnom Penh seems relevant somehow:

      “What gave the episode its peculiar Kafkaesque horror was the absence of any visible authority. The peasant-soldiers simply killed and terrified, obeying orders, invoking the commands of the Angka Loeu. Nothing was explained. The intellectuals who had planned it all never appeared.”

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