Not disturbing at all:

Many companies use electronic ID cards as a security measure to make sure only employees have access to get into the office. Well, soon, employees at one Wisconsin-based company won’t need an ID because they will have microchips.

To many it may sound invasive, but come Aug. 1, Three Square Market (32M) will become the first company in the U.S. to offer implanted microchip (RFID chip) technology to all of its employees.

The company, which develops software used in vending machines, said in a press release that the microchips will allow employees to make purchases in the break room, open doors, log in to computers and use the copy machine. […]

The company said it’s expecting more than 50 staff members to voluntarily have a chip implanted between the thumb and forefinger underneath the skin.

In the meantime:

I recently ran into a European counter-terrorism expert who complained that it was getting very difficult to build a fake profile on Facebook. Every time his team tried to set up a fake profile, it was shut down in less than 24 hours. Here’s why he ran into problems.

  • Facebook has an initiative to prevent the creation fake accounts (something Facebook strangely calls recidivism).
  • This initiative is a small part of a larger overall effort being undertaken by Facebook, Google and others, to become what can best be described as fully functional global censorship and surveillance systems. I know that people have been concerned about this for a while, but it’s not speculation anymore folks. It’s here.

And some implications/extensions of that:

  • Already, the social networks are replacing the media as the gatekeepers and the shapers of national and global public opinion. […]
  • AI’s built using real time and detailed social graph information could become better at detecting violent behavior far sooner and better than human analysts. […]
  • A global ID. Simply, Facebook is getting close to being able to create a global ID for everyone on the planet (sans China/Russia).

The scope, intensity and granularity of surveillance enabled by these systems is, of course, way beyond anything Orwell could (or did) imagine.

But it will all be used for a “good cause,” right?

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