Virus ship

An infectious disease expert at Kobe University Hospital talks about what he saw aboard the cruise ship Diamond Princess, from which he was hastily removed by the bureaucrats in charge:

I dealt with a lot of infections, more than 20 years. I was in Africa dealing with the Ebola outbreak. I was in another countries dealing with the cholera outbreak. I was in China in 2003 to deal with SARS, and I saw many febrile patients there. I never had fear of getting infection myself. For Ebola, SARS, cholera, because I know how to protect myself and how to protect others and how the infection control should be. So I could do the adequate infection control, protect myself and protect others. But inside Princess Diamond, I was so scared. I was so scared of getting COVID-19, because there was no way to tell where the virus is. No green zone, no red zone, everywhere could have virus and everybody was not careful about it. There was no single professional infection control person inside the ship and there was nobody in charge of infection prevention as a professional. The bureaucrats were in charge of everything.

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