Wear your mask, comrade

Gaungdong province enforces compulsory mask order:

The death toll has reached 304 in China.

The US has seen its first case of the virus spreading person to person, in Chicago. They are a couple; the wife had been to Wuhan in December.

Panicked buying of foodstuffs:

What is he spraying?:

Disinfectant drones:

Preventive measures:

People lining up nearly one kilometer to buy masks in Changhua, Taiwain:

Meanwhile, in eastern China:

Interesting on why the entrepreneurial hub Wenzhou has the most coronavirus cases outside of Wuhan. Wenzhounese consider Wuhan a 2nd home, about 3,600/day have left since the quarantine. Wenzhou also 5.5x denser than China’s average #WenzhouWuhan: https://t.co/XcCMZCmlkt?amp=1


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