What are they spraying?

Episode II: Attack of the Bleach? (Source)

Robots are also being enlisted in the Corona Wars:

SNAFU! comments:

This thing must still be raging in China. It’s obvious too that N. Korea must be getting SLAMMED by this thing if S. Korea and Japan are affected. Wonder if this could lead to the death of the little fat bastard and calamity or an opportunity.

Also its apparent that WHO is not declaring a pandemic for one reason alone. Economics. A pandemic declaration could literally destroy globalization (although many here seem to doubt that).

Last thing.

You know what everyone is missing about the Spanish flu? The first wave wasn’t anything. It was considered a seasonal flu and was basically ignored by any and everyone. When it came around the next year (after mutating) is when we saw massive deaths.

My view of this thing has changed. I think its gonna sputter out by the end of March, early April.

Later this year and early next is when we’re gonna get body slammed by this thing. I think most will forget about this thing (except for govts and the scientist that work for them) and you’ll see everyone attempt to go back to normal just in time for this thing to go sideways just in time for the Christmas season.

Stock up on masks this summer. I believe you’ll be ok for the first wave of this thing.

2 thoughts on “What are they spraying?

  1. I have no idea what they are spraying or if anyone has confirmed that spraying helps. I have seen a lot of videos of people in chem suits spraying people who weren’t. Doesn’t that cause cancer?

    • I don’t know but I can’t imagine it’s healthy.

      As for spraying sidewalks, highways, etc. – I wasn’t aware that viruses are transmitted on the ground.

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